Pages 7 and 8

7 – Our Earth is a planet with features worth flaunting,

with all the right things to make creatures worth wanting.

It’s in perfect place, with the just-right position,

to catch just enough of our sun’s light emission.

It’s got the right atoms, and the correct conditions,

so atoms can build into forms of nutrition.

The inset picture has gramps playing with dinosaurs and grams with a foam finger and a sandwich board hyping Earth.  In the larger image gram has a measuring tape and gramps has some calipers.  I’ll illustrate the moon and our magnetic shield, any other important feature you think I should note?  Below I’ll have a pie chart of elements (this one is made up) and some molecule-looking thingies, one of which gramps will be nibbling on.

8 – But at first the Earth was ugly and mean.

It was nothing compared with today’s lively scene.

Nothing was living, not one measly bean.

In fact, the surface was too hot to walk,

because early Earth was all molten rock.

The first panel shows a hot and angry looking Earth, the second has a faint, mirage-like image of buildings and life over a desolate landscape, and the third is a bean keeling over, dry and dead.  Down below gramps and grams (the Gs) will be hopping on the hot surface.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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