Pages 9 and 10

9 – Over time, as it cooled, things began to adjust,

and slowly our planet grew a thin solid crust.

The next thing Earth lacked, which it had to develop,

was atmospheric gas to protect and envelop.

Gas came to the surface from the inside out,

as volcanoes erupted with many a spout,

and Earth’s gravity kept this gas hanging about.

There’s grams updside down on an earth with a nice new solid crust, then gramps upright on an earth with a nice new atmosphere.  Then a medium shot of the landscape, with gas coming out some cracks, then a close-up of some volcano/geysers, and third a long range shot of the clouds of gas covering up the earth.  Finally a large picture of the earth covered in a settled atmosphere with some pretty clouds.

10 – Here atoms combine by their chemical rules,

to produce combinations we call molecules,

like water, the simplest of life making tools.

As the Earth cooled, it started to rain,

icy space comets added more water gain.

The land became flooded, with nowhere to drain.

A bunch of molecule-looking thingies in the dark; big bright water droplet with a water molecule inside.  Then three pictures showing it beginning to rain, flooding and ice comets, until the volcanoes are islands in an ocean.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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