Pages 11 and 12

11 – Until we arrived at the fantastic new notion,

that Earth would be covered with a low lying ocean,

a fertile pot of primordial potion.

This planetary puddle is a very special place,

as it was the beginning of the whole human race.

Plus all of the animals, bacteria and plants,

we all started here by the seat of our pants!

All life began here, but the question is how?

if you’re willing to listen, I’ll tell you right now.

The inset picture has the Gs ready to jump off the rock, then the rest of the page is one big picture of gramps doing a cannon ball with a big splash and grams diving under water with a lot of bubbles.

12 – But before we can possibly hope to arrive,

at an answer that logic and reason derive,

we must first define what it means to be alive,

Life isn’t easy, to live is to strive.

To grow, multiply, flourish and thrive,

life must reproduce, and work to survive.

In the top three panels the Gs swim down to the sea floor where they find a book shelf (and blackboard) and they look up what it means to be alive.  In the next panel they have thought bubbles filled with different situations where prehistoric man worked hard to survive, including hunting, fleeing a predator, gathering food, improvising shelter.  In the bottom panel the will have filled a blackboard with lifeforms and notations on life.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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