Pages 13 and 14

13 – But exact reproduction is not quite enough,

as it only makes more of just the same stuff.

In order to create life, we need small variation,

when a reproducer makes the next generation.

Mutations prevent the constancy curse,

allowing populations to become more diverse.

For the creation of life to possibly proceed,

a mutating molecule is what we would need.

Paper dolls going from a closeup to a pile at grams’ feet.  Then a line of the same sort of paper dolls except gramps has painted different characteristics on them.  Then gramps and grams with a bunch of diverse people wearing various styles of clothing.  At the bottom a series of abstraced, molecule-like face shapes, starting with gramps and morphing to grams.

14 – The question remains: “How did it appear?”

and the answer to that question is not fully clear

But somewhere there were atoms, in aquatic suspension,

combining to make molecules without least apprehension,

in countless combinations too many to mention.

With a little bit of help from some source of heat,

geochemical conditions so molecules meet,

and millions of years to rinse, wash and repeat,

our Earth produced something really quite neat.

Was it deep in the ocean, or in the scum on a pond?

We may never know where life was first spawned.

But somewhere the right atoms made the right bond.

A big landscape of the Earth’s atmosphere, surface and underwater environment.  Under the water, the Gs have thought bubbles highlighting some of the different parts of the environment that could have contributed to life: hydrothermal vents, bubbles under the sun, lightening, a meteor, crashing waves, all of which would also be visible in the larger picture.


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