Page 15

The first row of drawings shows some particles gradually building into lines that eventually form into a smiley face – my symbol for primitive life.   The second row shows that smiley face replicating itself, and the third shows the number of smileys doubling with each frame.  The fourth row is a shot of the earth getting progressively covered up by smileys and the last frame is a magnification of Earth’s crowded surface, with the smileys not looking so smiley, and one of them is dead.

Atoms thrown together in a haphazard dance,

made a primitive life-form entirely by chance.

That first one could make two, and those two could make four,

then eight, then sixteen, soon you couldn’t keep score.

Just fifteen times later there’s fifteen thousand more,

and thirty would make more than a billion to store.

As self-replicators filled the world to the brim

the limited resources would cause natural trim.

Some of the molecules would soon face rejection,

as they would be finished by natural selection.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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