Page 16

The first frame is an illustration of life being dynamic like riding a river, while reproduction without variety would be repetitive like a straight train.  I’m thinking of changing these to be over-the-shoulder views though.  Maybe I’ll use both vantages. The third frame is smileys going through a sieve, the next is smileys going through a series of sieves.  Then the Gs running an obstacle course, and at the bottom one particle is on a pedestal, with a bunch of others dead in a pile at the base.  Then the winner’s offspring will go through another long line of sieves.

And here is where that variation is vital:

it makes the population dynamic and tidal,

instead of identical, static and idle.

It’s like all of the life forms gets run through a sieve,

they compete for resources and the better ones live.

It’s a rowdy, unruly, disorganized mess,

with one simple rule that governs progress:

Success is survival and survival success.

The poor reproducers get left in the past,

while the ones that succeed make copies that last.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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