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In the top row gramps is standing next to a pot on a stove, and he keeps checking under the lid, clearly impatient.  Then we see grams sitting in a recliner, and she shows us the recipe for life, which says that you should simmer for several billion years.  Then a view inside the pot where molecules are fighting.  In the inset in the bottom grams will be waking up gramps as the pot starts to boil over, then the main image will be a giant tree blossoming out of the pot, as they look on from below.

Progress is slow, but there’s been lots of time,

since our humble beginnings as primitive slime.

Some two billion years with a steady tradition,

of natural and constant cutthroat competition.

A beautifully simple and sublime solution:

life made itself through it’s own evolution.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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One Response to Page 17

  1. KBHC says:

    Tiny spelling error: Through ITS (no apostrophe) own evolution.

    I love this project! I am sharing it with my students. It’s wonderful.

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