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The first row is a silhouette of the Gs in the bubble tent playing with blocks, building a tall tower.  In the second row the silhouette is of them sitting on the ground playing with blocks and the tower of blocks grow into a tree tent, with grams shrugging at the end.  Then gramps is holding up two interlocking tinkertoy-type doodads.  In the next frame he’s connecting them and attaching them to the end of a string of them which grams is rolling up onto a spool.  The next row has a strand of DNA splitting and duplicating, with the Gs performing quality control and inspection in the last frame.  The bottom frame is a series of steps supported by DNA with an evolving smiley climbing up.

Inside of it’s cell life is happy to reside,

safely protected from what is outside.

This could have been where molecules were tried,

till life chanced upon the first nucleotide.

Of course, please remember it could also be reckoned

that this lot came first and the cells came second.

We don’t know now and we may never know,

but somehow it happened, so on with the show.

These bits are the base for a chemical code,

that allows information to be easily stowed.

So self-duplication can become more exact,

and good traits can be copied more fully intact,

so progress can be kept and gradually stacked.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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