Making 02

With the first few pages of It’s Alive! I was able to use some of the drawings I made for BANG! As a result, I think this page was probably the quickest one to illustrate in the whole book.  Th entire particle explosion layer (#2) came from BANG! and then I just had to add some new stars and abstract freestyle energy lines.  And a tiny Gramps & Grams, with just the teeniest bit of color.

I got my first bit of press for It’s Alive! from the Angry Astronomer, Jon Voisey, at his new blog on Universe Today.  It’s fitting, since he was my first press for BANG! Except now that I have Google Analytics installed on, I can see exactly how much traffic comes from someone’s post.  So for example, his most recent post has so far resulted in 479 hits, who looked at an average of 4.4 pages, and 88.7% of which were new visitors. Pretty nifty.

Thanks Jon!


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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