Making 03

This page went pretty quickly as well.  I pulled the supernova from BANG! and the dark void of space was pretty quick to illustrate.  There was plenty of good reference on Google images for the sun and planets.  Looking back, the Gs are not as realistically proportioned as they would be later.  In the first frame I was trying to do a little foreshortening and in the bottom one they were just so tiny…  You can really notice the color starting in now, especially in the planets.

I got another blog post today, on Celsias, a site about climate change.  And this one’s kind of exciting because it looks like some people have been voting for it with Reddit.  If you have a moment, check it out, and maybe even hit the little UP arrow for me?  My understanding is the more points it gets the more people will see it.  Thanks!


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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