Making 04 – Orbits

Here you can see how I started sketching the figure with a couple bright colors, then illustrate it at full saturation before adjusting it to be closer to black and white.  Once I made one sun I just kept copying and resizing it, which was satisfyingly quick and easy.

So I’ve sent over 1000 emails over the past week.  Mostly to people who downloaded or purchased BANG! as well as people who helped me promote it.  Hopefully I’ll have some new press to share soon.  It’s Alive! has already been downloaded over 500 times.  I started using YouSendIt to give away the PDF, which cost a few bucks but lets me track the number of downloads which is cool.  I wish I knew how many people downloaded BANG!


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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