Making 07 – Correct Conditions

So this is the first page where I ended up deviating substantially from the sketch.  I did make that bottom right panel, which is meant to be Gramps surrounded by floating molecules, and he has one in hand and is taking a bite out of it, but it didn’t read well so I scrapped it.  Instead I folded the idea of nutrition into the pie chart of the elements in the earth’s surface.  I think the slice sizes are actually scientifically accurate on that.

My friend just put me on to this TED talk by David Christian about Big History.  I’d heard the term Big History before, and knew that was essentially what my books were, but I’d never read anything by this guy and his talk was awesome.  History of everything presented in 14 minutes (he spends 4 minutes just introducing the talk).  It was very cool to see how well his presentation lined up with the topics I cover in my books.  I am going to make it a point to get some Universe Verse books into his hands, especially given what he says at the end about making this story available to his grandchildren and creating a free-to-the-public highschool curriculum about Big History.  Why not an elementary school curriculum, featuring the Universe Verse?


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