13 Duplication with Mutation

This one presented some pretty abstract ideas about the essence of life and took a while before I settled on how I would illustrate them.  This is the only time so far in the Universe Verse that I’ve really drawn other people, besides Grandma and Gramps.  Drawing the crowd of people took forever, especially if you include finding and placing the reference photos.  I wanted as much authentic diversity as possible so I did a lot of Googling and pasting.  There’s also a young Jamie in the crowd, he’s rockin’ a bowl cut and an eagle t-shirt.

Yesterday I heard from a very cool illustrator who has a very similar blog where he documents his process as an independent author & illustrator, explaining everything in detail from tutorials about how he makes his art to costs and profits, and experiences with promoting.  We’ve done an eBooks swap and I’m looking forward at taking a look at his right now, after I’ve posted this.  He’s certainly a much more diligent and productive blogger than I am, with a lot more professional experience and a much larger audience.  It sounds like he’s interested in interviewing me for his podcast, which would be great, and meanwhile he’s inspired me to try and be a little more prolific here at Hybrid Vigor.

You should definitely check out his work.  His blog is The Process Diary and his current webcomic is Pandeia


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