14 The First Spark

I did a lot of revisions of the text on this page.  In fact, I think in the first couple of drafts I didn’t have hardly any of this.  Initially I didn’t know how to write about this part since there isn’t a scientific consensus about exactly how or where life started.  Eventually I would realize that is what I needed to say, and that uncertainty is a critical thing for people and children to understand.  So I presented a few of the popular possibilities but made it very clear that we don’t know exactly how it happened, and that’s OK.

Illustrating this one was a breeze.  Once again it was nice to have a page that consisted essentially of a single panel, but the little thought bubbles provided some variety, and a couple of them gave me the chance to work a little on my lighting, which is something that can be very hard to imagine and create without good reference.

As for the present, I just started illustrating Book 3.  I’ve been working away at the manuscript and I think I’ve taken care of 90% of the revisions, so now I’m beginning one of the most enjoyable part of the the illustrating process, doodling in the margins.  It’s the very first brainstorming phase when anything is possible.  I need to go ahead and finish posting these pages from Book 2, as it would be nice to be posting what I draw on a more current basis.


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