15 Exponential Growth

I think this is the most panels on any page, but it actually didn’t take too long.  A lot of very repetitive circle-drawing here, perfect for half-watching TV.  I’m pretty sure I was about half-way through watching Deadwood with my buddy Isaac at this point.  I remember being pretty pleased when I came up with the idea of using smiley faces to represent the basic concept of a living organism, and then being excited about drawing the smiley face reproducing with a mitosis-like process. It harks back to one of my first experiences as a science illustrator.  I was in my highschool biology class where we had to make “flip books” animating mitosis, I enjoyed it thoroughly and used a pad of paper to make a remarkably animated little movie.

Rain, finally.  Now we’ll see how the new sunroom holds up to a little weather.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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