16 Variation & Natural Selection

Another challenging set of abstract concepts to illustrate, which I tried to make a little more concrete and relatable with some metaphors drawn from personal experience.  I thought this was a pretty cool way to incorporate a dory into my story, and at the time I was enjoying the TV show Wipeout, which provided some inspiration for the obstacle course panel.  The smiley faces continued to prove their use as a visual symbol, with there ability to mutate and provide a diversity of simple life forms.

Even though I’m trying to switch gears to illustration mode for Book 3 I’ve been attending some seminars about book publishing, publicity and marketing at Book Passage, this awesome book store in Corte Madera.   I attended one with Karen Leland and one with Alice Acheson and learned a lot at both.  I learned of them through David Christopher, who is working on a book that’s kind of similar to mine: The Holy Universe.  It’s a retelling of the origin of the universe and life on Earth in a biblical style.  It’s pretty cool and you can read some excerpts online.


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An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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