24 Biodiversity!

This was a pretty epic page to illustrate.  Just getting together enough reference took quite a few hours.  Once it was all in place it was very enjoyable to draw the plants and animals, but when it got around to coloring them in, or adding a second layer of color I started to get pretty tired of them.  It was nice to go from all of those organic forms to the geometry of the safe door.  I was very excited when I found that photo of the door online that I could use for reference.  Also, it’s always a pleasure when I can easily reuse something I’ve already drawn, like the animals in the vault.

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with David Christopher, author of The Holy Universe, to see if we might be able to share resources and help each other out, since we’re both creating and self-publishing books about the scientifically-based history of everything.  His book hasn’t come out yet but he has some excellent excepts on his website and I sincerely suggest you check them out.  It’s a wonderful message that’s he presents very beautifully.


About jldunbar

An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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