25 Photosynthetic Food Generation

The factory idea wasn’t a part of the original sketch for this page.  Originally I was going to draw a leaf and some chloroplasts, but I decided I didn’t want to illustrate a real plant structure because I didn’t want to be at plants yet, which I’ll be talking about in Book 3.  I wanted to keep to the basic concept of photosythesis as the foundation of a sustainable food web on Earth without using the structures of real, modern life forms, although then I have the animals eating the plants in the thought bubble…

This whole part was tricky to write, the beginning of life business.  From replication to variation, natural selection, a long wait, cells, DNA, proteins, genes, sex, species, biodiversity, photosythesis, scavenging, sensing, predation, the web/tree of life, bacteria, and into Book 3, it was very difficult figuring out the order and flow of the story, and then make that flow work in rhyme.  The creation of life on Earth was not a step by step, singular or linear process by any means.  It’s been a branching bunch of failures, with just a couple of messy successes.  So in trying to wrangle a straightforward story out of it I had to make some more subjective decisions in places, and this section is one of them.  I imagine someone else could easily have focused on some different things or presented them in a different order as I remember struggling mightily over these parts.


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An artist and science-enthusiast who loves making books
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