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26 Food Finders

I guess it doesn’t make a lot of sense that I shied away from the leaf illustration when I keep using animals everywhere.  It was just so hard to keep illustrating the concepts of life without using any real life … Continue reading

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24 Biodiversity!

This was a pretty epic page to illustrate.  Just getting together enough reference took quite a few hours.  Once it was all in place it was very enjoyable to draw the plants and animals, but when it got around to … Continue reading

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23 Species

I have to admit that drawing the deformed inter-species was fun, but I guess there is such a thing as too much hybridity.  I return to the metaphor of life as a river which has now braided and formed into … Continue reading

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22 Sex!

If I were a shrewd marketing professional I would probably do a better job of advertising that this book explains SEX.  Albeit in a very unsexy way.  But it couldn’t be skipped, as sex is a fundamental part of life … Continue reading

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21 Cellular Factory Floor

Between the different designs for the machines, the quasi-flowing panel structure and the repetitive wall of shelves this was another challenging, laborious page to take on.  It was a lot of fun though, and I enjoyed carrying on with the … Continue reading

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19 Interlocking Nucleotides

Oh man, this one was a doozy!  Just the bottom left panel alone took as long as some of the other pages.  Planning it out, figuring out how my little critter was going to evolve, and then building the DNA … Continue reading

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17 The Primordial Soup Bubbles Over

Using the metaphor of waiting for the primordial soup to boil seemed like a good way to show how slow the process could have been.  Of course, once it hits that tipping point it explodes into life and starts to … Continue reading

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