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26 Food Finders

I guess it doesn’t make a lot of sense that I shied away from the leaf illustration when I keep using animals everywhere.  It was just so hard to keep illustrating the concepts of life without using any real life … Continue reading

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22 Sex!

If I were a shrewd marketing professional I would probably do a better job of advertising that this book explains SEX.  Albeit in a very unsexy way.  But it couldn’t be skipped, as sex is a fundamental part of life … Continue reading

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20 DNA Spiraling out of Earth

Designing and drawing the spiraling double-helix featuring my new interlocking nucleotide letters was quite the challenge.  I found a ton of DNA reference images and two proved to be particularly helpful, but they each represented one end of the DNA … Continue reading

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17 The Primordial Soup Bubbles Over

Using the metaphor of waiting for the primordial soup to boil seemed like a good way to show how slow the process could have been.  Of course, once it hits that tipping point it explodes into life and starts to … Continue reading

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14 The First Spark

I did a lot of revisions of the text on this page.  In fact, I think in the first couple of drafts I didn’t have hardly any of this.  Initially I didn’t know how to write about this part since … Continue reading

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