The Universe Verse

Download the Universe Verse Books 1 & 2 by emailing DunbarJam at gmail, or preview both books online at

The Universe Verse is my effort to make science as engaging and entertaining as I can, for the broadest audience possible.  It is a scientifically accurate, rhyming poem about the origin of everything, which I’m in the process of making into a series of three comic books.  I wrote it in 2007 while living in Boston, and in 2009 I illustrated and self-published the first book in the series: BANG! which I made free to the public as an eBook.

I’m currently illustrating Book 2 of the Universe Verse: It’s Alive! about the origin of life on Earth.  Because of the generosity of my backers on Kickstarter I’ll be making the finished book freely available to the public as a high-resolution PDF.  I’ll be using this blog to post updates of my progress, so anyone who is interested can watch the evolution of a comic book about evolution.



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